Baths Guide

Baths Guide

  1. Getting Started

  2. Bath Installations

  3. Bath Design

  4. Bath Features

  5. Other Considerations

  • Getting Started

    Baths have become so much more than a quiet space to soak or wash the kids and pets. They still do all that. But now you also can choose from unique experiences that move water, air and sound over your body. Special features like a heated back or color therapy let you personalize your bath even more. The following guide will take you through these and other considerations to help you discover the bath best suited to you and your home. 

  • Before Diving In

    Before Diving In

    Here are a few thought-starters to keep in mind as you explore. And don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers right now. This guide will help you answer the questions and find solutions that work. 

    1. Are you replacing a bath, remodeling from the ground up or building a new home? This will help you zero in on which baths are potential matches for your space, particularly if you have space and plumbing constraints.
    2. Who will be using the bath? If limited mobility is an issue for anyone, lower heights will make it easier to get in and out.
    3. How will it be used? A daily relaxation ritual? Bathing children? Washing pets? How you use the bath should inform the features you choose. 
    4. How much weight will your floor support? Don't forget it's not just the bath's weight, but the bath and the volume of water once it's filled. Is your floor sturdy enough?
    5. Will your water heater fill the bath without running out of hot water? You'll need to know if your water heater holds a standard 40 gallons or more and how much water it takes to fill your bath.


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