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Consider a single, distinctive style for total harmony.

Every shape is a statement. Brazn™ collection is unadorned and refined to an essence. It proclaims itself the relentless pursuit of simplicity. Purposeful in every detail. Bold in any space.


The Veil lighted collection, linked through KOHLER® Konnect technology, supports sleep and wellness with synchronized, intuitive lighting that mimics nature.

Manchester United

Taking inspiration from the club’s legacy, the sophisticated Manchester United Collection reflects the Kohler history of leading-edge design and quality craftsmanship. Our design team celebrated our partnership with the club through stylish and bold all-black bathroom styling. The striking features include alternating layers of matte and glossy black, grey tones and touches of red emphasizing details like the Red Devil logo.


We blend our unique Rose Gold décor into original aesthetic lines and geometrics across the Kohler Reflection Suite, boldly breaking the conventions of our craft and manifesting the omnipresent ingenuity born of Kohler's insistence on top quality and innovative design.

Rose Gold

From Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold, Vibrant Moderne Polished Gold, Vibrant French Gold to Rose Gold, wishing to express a unique, stylish and wonderful feeling, KOHLER cleverly uses the color gold like a highly skilled painter, aware more is too showy and less is too ordinary. Warm and gorgeous, Rose Gold creates a low-key but luxurious atmosphere, adding matchless refinement to your bathroom.


American lifestyle is endlessly self-reflexive and paradoxical. Seriously playful. Carefully disorganized. It is steeped in the traditions of classic Americana while embracing a modern eclectic sensibility. Life. Tresham vanities, toilets, lavatories and shower bases bring this playful eccentricity, this eclectic elegance, to the American bathroom. Go live your life.

The mid-tone neutral ash grey perfectly complements the grey and wood undertones to lend a warm mood to your bath-space. Although rooted in the heat of the desert, it looks as serene as winter foliage. 

Family Care™

Every family member — Men, women, kids and elders — receives all-around care from Kohler, with attention to every detail for your safety, health and convenience.


Kohler's Modernlife Suite delivers maximum hygiene with minimum effort. Modernlife™ toilet's Rimless Flush enables each flush to reachthe entire inner bowl, leaving nowhere for germs and dirt to hide.Kohler's innovative CleanCoat™ glaze on the toilet and lavatory ensures liquids bead up rather than stain the surface, preventing stains and water spots and ensuring unparalleled long-lasting hygiene.


Blending function with design, the drain on the vanity is pushed back to gain more workspace. Drawers, cabinets and shelves expand and lets you organize your space. Get more from your space so you can enjoy carefree, comfortable living.