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  • Bath Design

    A variety of elements make up the design of your bathtub, from shape and style to material and color. Keep in mind the style of your bathroom. Would a bath with some traditional detailing complement your space or would a design that is more sculptural and modern be better? Also, if two of you enjoy bathing together, a square or corner shape may be a better choice.

  • Bath Shapes

    Baths are designed for comfortable soaking regardless of the shape. This often includes ergonomic design details like integrated arm rests and lumbar support that provides the right angle for bathers to lie back with ease.

  • Bath Shapes

    Rectangle And Square Baths

    Rectangle is the most common bath shape because it lets the bather stretch out and be immersed. A square bath is roomier and more easily accommodates two bathers at once. 

  • Bath Shapes

    Oval Baths

    An oval bath still features the ergonomic support and comfort of a rectangle bath, but offers a softer, more organic design element. 

    NOTE: If you love sinking into an oval bath but have an alcove application, there are baths that pair an overall rectangle shape with an oval bathing well. 

  • Bath Shapes

    Corner Baths

    Designed specifically to accommodate corner spaces and two bathers, this shape lets the bather choose between a reclined or seated bathing position. 

  • Color


    The colors you choose will play a leading role in creating the look and feel of your bathroom. This includes the color of your bathtub-the choice you make helps inform the tone of the room. There’s no wrong answer. It’s simply a matter of choosing the color that helps create the mood you’re after. Baths come in an array of rich colors that can be matched to other fixtures

  • Materials


    Enameled Cast Iron
    If you love enameled baths, it’s usually because of the durable rich color and glossy finish they afford. KOHLER enameled cast iron that features an extra-thick, highly durable enamel. The cast iron is also partially made from recycled iron for a more sustainable process.

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    A strong, flex-resistant material, acrylic has a smooth finish that resists chipping and cracking and is easy to clean.

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    Environmentally Friendly Acrylic 
    A new generation of bathroom acrylics is manufactured with 90 percent fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) and contributes to improved indoor air quality. Fewer VOCs equals better air quality. ExoCrylic® is Kohler's low-VOC acrylic. It's also super lightweight which makes installation that much easier. 

    Cast Acrylic
    Cast acrylic is a premium solid-surface material that allows for unique bath textures and designs. It has the polished matte look of stone but is warm against the skin. Kohler’s cast acrylic material is Lithocast®.

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