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  • Lavatories Installation Types

    The type of lavatory installation you choose is the first step toward choosing the overarching look and feel of the styling space. Installations range from those designed to blend into the larger design to those that stand out and capture attention. Each installation type has unique considerations.



  • Lavatories Installation Types

    Pedestal Bathroom Lavatories

    •    Ideal for a small space or powder room
    •    Features a generous bowl size and ample deck space for hand soap and grooming essentials
    •    Narrow base saves floor space
    •    24”, 27” and 30” deck height options available

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  • Lavatories Installation Types

    Wall-Mount Bathroom Lavatories

    •    Offers easy wheelchair access
    •    Mounts to the wall with metal brackets
    •    Many models are available with a shroud to hide pipes

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  • Lavatories Installation Types

    Vessel & Shallow-Basin Bathroom Lavatories

    •    Rests on top of the counter
    •    A popular choice for powder rooms
    •    Shallow basin lavatories accentuate the movement of water

    Browse vessel & shallow-basin bathroom lavatories


  • Lavatories Installation Types

    Under-Mount Bathroom Lavatories

    •    Mounts beneath the counter to create a seamless counter-to-bowl transition
    •    Ideal for those replacing a countertop
    •    Easy-to-clean from counter to bowl
    •    Some under-mount lavatories may be installed as drop-in

    Browse under-mount/under-counter bathroom lavatories

  • Lavatories Installation Types

    Drop-In Bathroom Lavatories

    •    Features a lip that sits on the countertop
    •    Ideal for remodeling, drop-in lavatories can easily be retrofitted into your existing counter
    •    Some drop-in bathroom lavatories may also be installed as under-mount

    Browse drop-in/self-rimming bathroom lavatories


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