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  • Lavatory Design

    A variety of elements go into creating the design of a bathroom lavatory, from material and color to texture and style. It’s how they all come together that ultimately creates the lavatory design.

  • Bathroom Lavatory Materials

    Bathroom lavatories come in several different materials. Each has its own texture and sheen, its own lightness or weightiness. Colors match perfectly across all bathroom fixtures, regardless of material.

  • Bathroom Lavatory Materials

    Vitreous China Bathroom Lavatories

    Vitreous china lavatories are fired to be highly durable and easy-to-clean.

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  • Bathroom Lavatory Materials

    Cast Iron Bathroom Lavatories

    Enameled cast iron is made by sifting or spraying what’s called frit or powdered glass onto molten cast iron. The two fuse and harden into a durable glossy enamel that has deep, rich color

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  • Bathroom Lavatory Materials

    Stainless Steel Bathroom Lavatories

    Practical in terms of durability and ease of cleaning, stainless steel introduces a neutral tone and a sleek silhouette that works with a wide range of bathroom styles.

  • Bathroom Lavatory Materials

    Glass Bathroom Lavatories

    Glass lavatories are available in a variety of opaque and translucent colors and can add a jewel-like design element to your space.

  • Bathroom Lavatory Materials

    Marble Bathroom Lavatories

    Handcrafted from a single piece of Carrara marble quarried in Tuscany, marble lavatories bring old-world craftsmanship and luxury to the bathroom.

  • Bathroom Lavatory Materials

    Cast Bronze Bathroom Lavatories

    An old-world material, cast bronze is a living surface that will patinate over time. Each lavatory takes on a unique look of its own.

  • Bathroom Lavatory Colors

    Bathroom Lavatory Colors

    Bathroom lavatories come in a range of rich colors that can offer a subtle complement to the whole palette or create a bold statement piece on its own. 

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  • Decorative Bathroom Lavatories

    Decorative Bathroom Lavatories

    Decorative lavatories draw inspiration from around the globe, historical and cultural, to create a range of patterns. Artist Editions is the KOHLER collection of decorative lavatories and products. 

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