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  • Toilet Seat Features

    Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from a range of unique toilet seat features designed for comfort and convenience. You can expect most seats to include a combination of one or more standard features; whereas Smart seats will have one or more features that offer personalized comfort and bidet cleansing.

  • Soft Close Toilet Seats

    Soft Close Toilet Seats

    This seat is equipped with anti-slam technology and closes quietly and slowly with the touch of a finger. 

  • Soft Close Toilet Seats

    Quick Removal Toilet Seats

    A seat that features quick-removal hinges releases completely for a full and thorough cleaning. 


  • Quick Install Toilet Seats

    Quick Install Toilet Seats

    Special installation hardware allows the toilet seat to be firmly attached to the toilet within minutes. 



  • Quick Install Toilet Seats

    Secure Fit Toilet Seats

    Toilet seats are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for you and your family and to avoid slipping and sliding. Rubber bumpers on the underside of the seat grip the bowl tightly to keep the seat securely in place. 




  • Cleansing Toilet Seats

    Cleansing Toilet Seats

    A KOHLER cleansing toilet seat offers personal bidet functionality and features naturally soothing water as a refreshing cleansing alternative to toilet tissue alone. 

    Browse cleansing toilet seats.

    Browse manual cleansing toilet seats.




  • Deodorizing Toilet Seats

    Deodorizing Toilet Seats

    Many toilet seats include a carbon filter to help neutralize bathroom odors. At Kohler, these are called Purefresh® toilet seats and are equipped with an intuitive fan and scent pack to fill the room with a light, fresh scent. 






  • Lighted Toilet Seats

    Lighted Toilet Seats

    A number of toilet seats feature a nightlight component that helps guide you in the dark and is gentle on your eyes. 






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