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Toilet Essentials - Things to look for in getting that new toilet

Getting a new toilet is almost like a new investment with how much of a must-have it is for every bathroom and house. There are many different considerations to check when looking for a toilet. Such considerations include its cost, color, water consumption, and any additional features. Here is a quick guide on all the things to look for in getting that new toilet.

  • Flushing performance

    Since a toilet will be with you for the long haul, it is worth spending the extra time doing the right research. Compare and contrast the different flushing performances across the different brands and manufacturers.

  • Rough-in measurement

    Rough-in is the distance from the wall to the middle of the flange bolts holding down the toilet. The standard for this is typically twelve inches but there are both smaller and larger models available—make sure to get a toilet model with the same rough-in as the old toilet or one that can fit in the bathroom.

  • Less water consumption

    For those households who are more conscious with regard to water consumption, check out the high-efficiency toiletries (HET) that can save households 4,000 gallons of water per person per year.  Another option is to get a dual-flush toilet that usually comes in both gravity or pressure-assist models.

    Pressure-assist toilets are also a better water-efficient method than gravity toilets as they have a separate tank that holds water in pressure, effectively removing waste more thoroughly with each flush. Pressure-assist toilets can help solve a sweating tank problem where the water is dripping from the outer tank.

  • Future repair costs

    While there are toilet options such as unusual flush mechanisms and custom seats, they can also cost time and money should they break and need fixing. Keep this in mind when making your toilet purchase.

  • Finding your next toilet

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