Toilet Guide

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  2. Types

  3. Design

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  5. Other Considerations

  • Toilet Design

    As you choose your toilet, you will want to consider a few details that will have an impact on the overall space as well as ease of use and cleaning. From the footprint to the position of the flush handle, the small details will create the experience you'll have.

  • Bowl Shapes

    Bowl shapes have varying lengths. Knowing what the shape of your toilet bowl is – round, elongated or compact elongated – will be important when you choose a coordinating seat. Round bowls are usually space-saving while elongated offer more comfort for adults.

  • Bowl Shapes

    Elongated Toilets

    • Fits most residential spaces
    • Provides added room and comfort for seating
  • Bowl Shapes

    Compact Elongated Toilets

    • Offers the comfort of an elongated bowl in a round-front toilet footprint
    • Saves up to 10 percent more space than an elongated bowl
  • Round-Front Toilets

    Round-Front Toilets


    • Requires less space
    • A good solution for small spaces
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