The Allure of the Minimalist Bathroom

The Allure of the Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalism’s clean lines and thoughtful restraint has broad appeal. Not only is it intellectually and aesthetically pleasing, it’s a visual expression of serenity that’s tailor-made for a relaxing spa-style bathroom.

The minimalist style has deep roots in architecture and design. Arts & Crafts visionary William Morris once said, "Simplicity of life... is the very foundation of refinement…" Decades later, these ideas became the foundation for much of Frank Lloyd Wright’s later work and continued to inform the Minimalist school — advocating a design style comprised of only truly essential elements.

  • Simple by design

    The minimalist approach to bathroom design is often expressed through smooth, interrupted surfaces, sculptural lines, and a purposeful lack of ornamentation and clutter. Fixtures are sleek and understated; the few accessories in the room often include organic cotton towels and soft, indirect lighting sources.

  • Nature's imprint

    The minimalist trend draws inspiration from nature, celebrating the intrinsic beauty of natural materials such as gently flowing water, the handsome grains of hardwoods and the earthy textures of stone. Colors are calm and neutral, in whites, beiges and grays reminiscent of clouds and sand, and the muted blue-blacks of smooth river rock.

  • Every element matters

    Every element matters

    The strength of minimalism lies in the impact of the few objects in the room. Materials matter, and the design of each component is critical.

    The Purist® collection of products, which includes faucets, sinks, vanities, baths and showers, are perfect for a minimalist-style bath, thanks to their simple lines and classic materials. Reve™ products also offer artistic variety and subtle harmony while employing the simplest, most elegant designs.

    Look for the following minimalist-style characteristics as you consider updating your bathroom.


    “Minimalist design draws inspiration from nature, celebrating the intrinsic beauty of natural materials such as gently flowing water, the handsome grains of hardwoods and the earthy textures of stone.”



  • Fixtures


    Minimalism in bathroom fixtures means simple architectural forms, geometric shapes, smooth, sculptural lines, and low profiles. Tubs and showers should be visually appealing and a pleasure to use. Look for wall-mounted, space-saving sinks and streamlined, one-piece toilets.

  • Faucets and accessories

    Look for sleek faucets and accessories with fluid lines and a minimum of ornamentation. Faucets and handles should be modern in design, straightforward and the smallest size they need to be to function.

  • Furniture

    Closed cabinets help hide necessary accessories, but you can further streamline your room’s look by installing touch latches or understated hardware on doors and drawers. Keep the style and finishes consistent throughout the room.

  • Ethnic accents

    Simple doesn’t have to mean characterless. Consider the warm elegance of a Scandinavian sauna, the Zen simplicity of an Asian bath, or the elemental beauty of an adobe sweat lodge. Instill evidence of these influences by choosing materials and accents such as candles, rugs, shelving, mirrors and other accessories — kept to a minimum, of course.

    Even if you don’t embrace the minimalist style entirely, simply de-cluttering your bath can be the first step in clearing your head. An at-home spa that celebrates the beauty of simplicity can create an elegant escape — one where you can relax your body and quiet your mind.

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