DTV+ Shower

DTV+ Shower

When you take a shower, where does your shower take you?

Kohler brings water, sound, steam and light together like no one else in DTV+. It's our most advanced showering system ever.

  • DTV+ at a glance

    Use the DTV+ touchscreen interface to control every element of your shower and create a true multi-sensory showering experience. There's nothing quite like it for the home. And it's only from Kohler.

  • Total rejuvenation

    Relaxation. Well-Being. Energy. DTV+ transports you someplace else entirely with pre-programmed spa experiences based on actual hydrotherapies. Take your daily shower to another level, and another world.

  • Control the elements

    DTV+ lets you customize your showering experience down to the last detail. Precision temperature. Timing. Coordination between shower components. All with a simple touch.

  • Touch

    The touchscreen interface provides intuitive control of every component and eliminates the multiple levers and knobs of a manual shower. Six user presets allow you to create and save your favorite experiences.

    The system is modular by design and entirely customizable, so choose only the options you want. The DTV+ interface drives every aspect of your shower experience.

    Think of the pre-programmed spa experiences as playlists for your day. Each one targets specific parts of the body with different temperatures and sequences with one touch.

  • Feel

    Let the power of water, light, sound and steam cleanse your body and mind with pre-programmed spa experiences. Each is based on existing hydrotherapies inspired by one of three themes: RelaxationWell-Being, and Energy. It's a difference you can feel.

  • Spa Experiences


    Jumpstart your day with alternating dual temperatures designed to drive blood circulation and sharpen your mind.


    Refresh and renew as water warms your pulse points and envelops your entire body.


    Water and heat combine to unwind exhausted muscles so you can de-stress from the daily grind.


    • Each experience is up to 7 minutes long and individual steps can be repeated or skipped.
    • The intensity of each experience can be adjusted and saved as a user preset.
    • Each experience coordinates water temperature and intensity to cycle through different showering components.
    • Any experience can be combined with audio, lighting and steam elements.
    • The DTV+ interface automatically notifies you when new experiences are available.
  • It’s not a shower. It’s an experience.

    There’s nothing quite like it for the home, and it’s only from KOHLER.

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