Brazn Suite – A new angle of minimalism and Simplicity

Brazn Suite – A new angle of minimalism and Simplicity

“Every shape is a statement. The Brazn collection is unadorned and refined to an essence. It proclaims itself the relentless pursuit of simplicity. Purposeful in every detail. Bold in any space“.

  • Minimalist Design Concept

    Minimalist Design Concept

    The Brazn™ suite’s minimalist design concept departs from tradition. Its form’s simplicity, color, and materials touch the users’ aesthetic sense.

    The well conceived product designs are simple yet special and provide a bathing experience that offers respite and moments of pause. Easy to clean design details define this bath, lavatory, and toilet.

  • Simple approach

    Simple approach

    The Brazn suite comes in two colors: black and white. The color option is a distinct design element of the minimalist style. Black adds casual eclecticism to a room, and its favorite counterpart white keeps it classic yet non stuffy.

  • Brazn suite products

  • Simple approach

    The thin edge lavatory design with only a 5 mm thickness maximizes the potential of the material. It has an integrated look with a premium drain cap. Additionally, the CleanCoat™ technology helps keep the lavatory lustrous, spot free, and easy to maintain.

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  • Simple approach

    The KOHLER® Lithocast™ gloss material is just one element of the minimalist design of the Brazn bath that makes it stand out. Combined with the solid surface, easy to clean exterior, it has a sculptural quality and luxury feel.

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  • Simple approach

    The one piece, elongated Brazn toilet, featuring the extraordinary flushing performance of 3.0/4.8 liters per flush Revolution 360™ dual flush, grabs everyone’s attention. The rimless, compact bowl for complete coverage matches the French Curve™ slim seat without compromise. The fully skirted and glazed trapway, Quiet Close™ seat technology, and Quick Release™ hinges provide convenience and comfort for easy cleaning.

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