Mirrored Cabinets and Mirrors Guide

  1. Getting Started

  2. Size and Installation

  3. Design

  4. Features

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  • Mirrors

    Depending on your choice of mirror, it can introduce a bold design statement into your space or be a subtle reinforcement of the design you’ve established. Mirrors offer a simple solution when extra storage isn’t a requirement. Available in a number of sizes and styles, the mirror can bring added flair to the bathroom.

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  • Mirrors


    Measure Your Space

    Begin by measuring the width of your vanity. Typically, your mirrored cabinet or mirror should be narrower or the same width as the vanity. To determine the height, measure the distance between your lights and faucet. Choose a size that provides clearance above the faucet and below the lights.

  • Shape

    Mirrors come in a range of shapes and standard sizes to fit bathrooms of all sizes. You can choose a shape that reflects the lines of your architecture or the details of your faucets and fixtures.

  • Framing Options

    Frames can add a decorative or polished touch to mirrors while frameless mirrors have a certain clean-lined appeal.

  • Mirrors

    Frame Style

    Several bathroom collections and vanity lines include a mirror as one of the coordinating elements. These mirrors reflect the subtle detailing found in the entire collection.

  • Mirrors

    Frame Finishes

    Wooden frames designed to match specific vanity lines come in the same range of stain or paint finishes to create a coordinated look.

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